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CareCoop strives to enhance member participation through our mandatory shareholding structure. This ensures that every member has a stake in the cooperative, fostering a common purpose and shared value.

Shareholding Requirements

  • All members are required to hold a minimum of 5 shares, equivalent to ZMW 2,710.
  • Members with fewer than 5 shares will be allotted additional shares to meet the minimum requirement of 5 shares (at ZMW 542 per share).
  • Share allotment options include savings deduction, share loan, and contributions up to 9 months. All members must be compliant by December 2024.

Share Allotment Process

  • The initial allotment will be done as a deduction from individual savings accounts for all members whose shares are below the minimum of 5 shares. For members with completely no shares, CareCoop will deduct the equivalent of 5 shares at the current share prices of ZMW542.00 per share which totals ZMW2,710.00.
  • Members with insufficient savings at the time of allotment will be given a grace period of up to September 2024 to normalize their share status, otherwise may not qualify to borrow any loan apart from the share financing loan.

New Members

  • Minimum Shares Purchase: All new members are required to purchase a minimum of 5 shares, with various payment options available including savings deduction, bank transfer and share financing loan.


  • Minors: Minors are exempt from the mandatory shareholding requirement.

Benefits of Shareholding

  • Ownership and Participation: Shares represent ownership in CareCoop, enhancing member participation and commitment. Shareholders can stand for election onto CareCoop's Board of Directors.
  • Financial Growth: Members benefit from the cooperative's growth and success through their shareholdings. Dividends are declared every year.

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