Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I finished paying off my loan but the DDACC is still running, what should I do?

    This is an anomaly. Please contact CareCoop for rectification by writing to

  • Can one join as a General Member?

    No. Joining CareCoop requires the backing of a member organization which has an MOU with CareCoop.

  • Can I save on both DDACC and Payroll?

    Yes you can. Kindly fill out the DDACC mandate form and send it to for savings contributions only. Note that members with loans and employed by member organizations will have their loan deductions effected via payroll

  • If my DDACC does not go through, how long should I wait before contacting Care Coop?

    Please wait for at least 5 working days. Should your DDACC still not go through after the stated waiting period, please contact CareCoop by writing to

  • Can one still access loans as a General member?
    • Yes you can. However, you will first need to show at least 3 months of consistent DDACC contributions if you are in employment while 6 months if you are in business.
    • Terms and conditions are listed on the loan application form on our website and required support documents indicated on the same form for the two categories of General Members.
    • Note that loan deductions and savings deductions will be effected on the same DDACC form. A DDACC fee of K15.00 must be included
  • How can one continue making their monthly savings contribution as a General member?
    • Complete a change of member organization form downloadable on the CareCoop website and send it through to
    • Complete a DDACC mandate form which will allow CareCoop to make deductions directly from your bank account. The DDACC form is downloadable on the CareCoop website and the current specific dates of recovery are the 1st or the 5th day of the month. Note that one may only need to pick on one of these dates. The completed DDACC form is then sent through to . A DDACC fee of K15.00 must be included.
    • Should you have any outstanding loans with CareCoop at the time of transition, please contact Care Coop through before you complete the DDACC mandate and you will be guided on how to procee
  • Who is a General Member?

    An individual who is a member of CareCoop but no longer works for a member organization- works for an organization that is not affiliated to CareCoop by signing an MOU.

  • Is ZAZU secure?

    Absolutely. Zazu is regulated by the Bank of Zambia and it has to comply with several laws on data protection, technology levels and security. Zazu has a wallet that is secure and requires authentication on transactions. But don’t worry, this authentication often happens in the background without you even noticing it’s happening. Like magic!

  • How much does it cost to transact with Zazu?

    Depending on the service you are using, the costs are as follows:

    Zazu Wallet:

    • Wallet opening: Free
    • Wallet top-up: Free
    • Sending Money: Free
    • Monthly Maintenance Fees: Free
    • CareCoop Funds Transfer Fee: K40.00

    Virtual Card:

    • Virtual card order: Free
    • Access to a 3D secure PIN: Free
    • E-commerce transactions: Free
    • Transactions in foreign currency (USD, Rand, GBP, etc.): 4% Transaction Value

    Physical Card:

    • First physical card order: Free
    • Replacement of physical card: K50
    • Change your card PIN: Free
    • Local online transactions (in Kwacha): Free
    • International online transactions (in foreign currency): 4% Transaction Fee
    • Access to a 3D secure PIN: Free
    • Point of Sale (POS) transaction in Kwacha: Free
    • Point of Sale (POS) transaction in foreign currency (USD, Rand, GBP, etc.): 4% Transaction Fee


    • Local ATM withdraw using Zazu Card: Free (3rd party ATM fees might apply)
    • International ATM withdraw using ZazuCard: 4% transaction fee (additional 3rd party ATM fees might apply)
    • Send money to Mobile Money = 2.4% transaction fee


    • Paying utility bills: Free
    • Paying DSTV, GoTV, Topstar bills: Free
    • Buying Airtime: Free
    • Paying a merchant (using QR code or username): Free
  • Which platforms are compatible for transacting with Zazu ?

    Zamtel, Airtel and MTN Money, Bank Account Tranfers, Mastercard Enabled ATMs and PoS which include the banks below:

    • Standard Chartered Bank
    • Ecobank
    • ABSA
    • ZANACO
    • Stanbic
  • How can I activate my Zazu card?
    • Go to the cards section in the App
    • Tap on the Car Awaiting Activation
    • Tap on activate your new card
    • Enter the 15 Digit number on the outside of the letter delivered with your card
    • Enter the last 4 digits of your card
    • Set your pin
  • How can I collect my Zazu card when ready?

    You may collect your card from the CareCoop Offices

  • How can I order a card after registration?
    • Login to the App
    • Tap on cards
    • Tap on Get new card
  • How can I register for Zazu?

    You can register by downloading the Zazu App from your IOS or Google Play-store on your mobile phone. Follow the easy registration steps on the Application.

  • Can I use the app without registering?

    To comply with local and international laws, we can’t allow anyone to perform any transaction without completing the registration.

  • What is Zazu?

    Zazu is a mobile wallet that allows you to send, receive, pay and save money. Our wallet comes with a physical and a virtual card that allow you to make payments in store, online and withdraw at the ATM. Zazu is packed with features to help you take control over how and where money is going. It has content designed to improve your financial literacy and help you achieve your financial goals.

  • What are the benefits of obtaining insurance under the CareCoop-Minet partnership?
    • Access to a Wide range of Insurance Companies to Choose from- under one roof
    • Expert insurance advisers on selection of appropriate insurance cover and underwriter to best suit your insurance needs
    • Smooth claim process as the insurance brokers will use their already established relationship with the insurance companies to ensure that your claims are processed with ease and within reasonable timeframes
    • Discounted rates than those charged directly by insurance companies
    • Premium financing by CareCoop to be repaid over a period of 12 months
  • Can I use cash to purchase insurance?

    Yes. Contact CareCoop to obtain bank details for your deposit by sending an email to

  • Do I need 20% in savings for this these loans?

    Yes. Loans must be covered by 20% in savings

  • What is the maximum repayment period for the loan?

    Up to 12 Months, Loans will be limited to contract duration

  • What is the Maximum Loan Amount?

    You can get up to ZMW50,000.00, however loans are restricted to the value of the Insurance Quotation

  • Can I get a loan to purchase my insurance?

    Absolutely! You can get one or both of the available loans; Vehicle Insurance Premium or Medical Insurance Premium Loans

  • What type of Insurance is covered under this agreement?

    All kinds of Insurance; fill out online form to request call back

  • How can I request for a quotation?

    Fill in the online request form and you will be contacted by an expert underwriter

  • Who are CareCoop’s Partners on this initiative?

    Minet Zambia