Member Service Charter

Our Turn Around Time (TAT)

  • All emergency loans up to ZMW 20,000.00 -  24 Hours
  • All loans up to ZMW 50,000.00 - 5 Working Days
  • All loans above ZMW 50,000.00 - 10 Working Days
  • Savings Withdrawal - up to 60 Working Days 
  • Share Purchase - up to 60 Working Days

Our Commitment

  • We will respect our members.
  • We will provide prompt, friendly, courteous and efficient customer service and at all times remain professional.
  • We will take ownership of your inquiry, follow up and keep you informed of progress to completion.
  • We will be realistic about what we can do and in what time frames.
  • We will provide you with accurate and consistent information.
  • We will show respect for your privacy in your dealings with us and the confidentially of information discussed.
  • We will strive to excel in providing excellent customer service through continuous improvement, surveys and identification of new technologies to enhance the member’s experience.
  • We will actively seek your feedback on our services to ensure they meet your needs.

You can help us to meet our commitment to you by

  • Being courteous, polite and respectful to our members of staff
  • Respecting the rights of, and provide courtesy towards, other members
  • If you have a complex or technical query, log it via email or telephone using the appropriate channels for customer requests, complaints and compliments in order to help us resolve queries in an efficient manner
  • Tell us where we fall short on our service in any aspect so that we may improve our services to you
  • Help us recognize our exemplary members of staff by telling us when you have received excellent service