Campaign Message - Angela Nkole Phiri

Campaign Message - Angela Nkole Phiri


Angela Nkole Phiri


BSc(Hon) Computing, MA Project Planning & Management

Current Position and Name of Organisation:

IT Technical Support Specialist/Planning and Resource Management Analyst, CIDRZ

Other Board Positions Held (Current or Past):

CARECOOP Board Member First Term

Professional Associations:


Experience Profile and How It Relates to This Role:

I have over 12 years IT experience, excellent customer service, project coordination, and good financial management with attention to detail. Additionally, I have diligently provided oversight and direction during my first term on the board and positively contributed to the CARECOOP vision and 5-year strategy. I value listening to customers and ensuring that issues are addressed promptly. I am solution-driven, focused on efficiency with innovation to address challenges by leveraging technology while ensuring that costs are also controlled/managed. My experience, commitment, and diligence in providing oversight and direction on the board, which I have diligently exhibited during my first term tenure, is what CARECOOP needs right now as we implement the 5-year strategy.

What You Intend to Bring to the Board:

As a woman of integrity and action, with member interest at heart, I pledge:

  • Continued commitment to delivering good governance with observation to core values.
  • Continue listening to and addressing your challenges - be your voice on the board.
  • Excellent IT and project management skills and experience required for current CARECOOP projects.
  • Ensure that the digital strategy is fully implemented to provide efficiency, excellence, and better and efficient customer service/satisfaction.
  • Empower members with further reduced loan interests continuing from last year’s reduction and per strategy.
  • Provide members access to easier and faster loans via mobile phone using app and USSD.
  • Ensure loan turnaround times are further reduced to meet member needs on time.
  • Continue to innovate and support business strategies that bring more profit to the CARECOOP.

During my first time, I have worked tirelessly to ensure inefficiencies are addressed by implementing digital strategies:

  • From authorizing loans on paper to e-signing resulting in reduced processing times.
  • Share trading portal for members.
  • Online loan application using the portal.
  • Portal to monitor your statements, savings, shares, etc., and further being improved.
  • Core banking system due for launch this quarter to further increase efficiency.
  • Loan application using USSD and mobile app underway.
  • Better customer service systems strategized and due for implementation this year.
  • Enhanced IT security strategies to protect data and business continuity.

Further as Loans and Savings Committee Chair working with management and the board, I've ensured:

  • Reduced interest rates on loans, which will reduce further to empower members.
  • Common bond to accommodate and empower your immediate family members.
  • Increased threshold for management to approve loans for faster loan processing times.
  • Provision of secure land for member purchase.
  • New building project with a focus to generate more profit and consequently increase dividends.